Contract Binding Authority

REInsurePro now has Binding Authority through PennAmerica, rated A by A.M. Best. Use the button below to submit a risk.   

Complete submissions should include ACORD forms, SOV, 3-5 years of loss runs, & supplemental app where needed. 

Acceptable Risks

  • Monoline GL
  • General Contractors Liability
  • Property up to $2 million with packaged GL* for:
    – Vacant buildings, including renovation
    – Commercial LRO
    – Auto repair or service shops
    – Habitational up to 50 units
    • No subsidized or student housing
    • No substandard electrical
    • No vacation rentals

*Monoline property not available

Coverage Availability

  • Not available in Tier 1 & Tier 2 areas  
  • Coverage in Texas is non-coastal

Agent Benefits


Fast proposal turnaround


Competitive commission


Virtual inspections


Supplemental Apps

These Supplemental Applications are required for their classes. Alternate supplementals are accepted so long as the same information is included. 

General Contractors Supplemental 

Vacant Supplemental 

Additional Insured Supplemental 


Insurance Coverage for Vacation Rentals

Thanks to the explosion of platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway, property owners have found new ways to make money, but it’s also raising important questions about the appropriate insurance coverage needed to protect these investments.

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Is it Covered?

Is It Covered? Liability for Non-Covered Items

Generally, if an item is excluded from the Property Coverage on your investor client’s property, it is likely not covered in their Liability Coverage either. Keep in mind that while your client’s Property Coverage protects damage that happens to their investment property, (i.e., the physical building), Liability Coverage protects their financial well-being associated with that property.

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How TPP and Renters Insurance Work Together 

REInsurePro’s Tenant Protector Plan (TPP) is a truly distinctive offering that helps investors and their tenants in the event of a property loss caused by tenant negligence. While we always recommend that that landlords require their tenants to carry renters insurance, the TPP adds an extra layer of protection for both parties.

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