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Agent Technology Platform

Propose and bind coverage, service your client portfolios, and view commission reports.

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SOV Import Template

For large portfolio proposals, enter location info into this template and upload into the system.

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Marketing Toolkit

Customize and download or share marketing templates to help with your sales efforts.

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Submit a Claim

Fill out this form to report an incident on behalf of your client to begin the claims process.

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Loss Prevention

8 Ways to Protect Vacant and Renovation Properties

Many of the properties subject to break-ins, thefts and vandalism are vacant or going through renovations to prepare them for sale or the next tenant. It’s truly disappointing to arrive to show a house that was finished only two days before and see it broken into and missing key components like stoves, ovens, air conditioning, the furnace, water heater, and maybe even copper plumbing and electrical wiring. These tips can help mitigate these types of losses to avoid set-backs in getting your clients’ return on investment.

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Ordinance or Law

Every state, city or local municipality has different codes and requirements that residences and buildings must abide by. These change over time as new ordinances or codes are enacted, and. in the case of a covered loss at one of those buildings, the location will need to be brought up to current code during the repair process in order to pass inspections. If your investor’s property does not meet current building codes, Ordinance or Law is an important coverage to consider.

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Loss Prevention

Wildfire Preparation

Wildfires can occur at any time throughout the year, but the potential is always higher during periods with little or no rainfall, which make brush, grass, and trees dry and burn more easily. For many areas, this occurs in summer through fall months, but many western states, such as California, have a year-round wildfire risk. High winds can also contribute to spreading the fire. The community may have a designated wildfire season when the risk is particularly high, so property owners should become familiar and take action well in advance.

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Use these downloadable resources to provide valuable tools to your real estate investor clients.

Smoke Detector Maintenance Log

Investors can use this log for each of their properties to track when smoke detectors are checked to be sure they are in operable condition and batteries replaced. This should be done at least twice per year.

Rental Property Hazard Checklist

Investors can use this checklist as part of their annual maintenance practice to identify and make a plan to repair potential risks of property damage or liability exposures at their properties.