REInsurePro’s Smoke Detector Recommendations

smoke detector - reip

Fires are one of the most sudden, destructive, and deadly losses we see on claims. Regular inspections, fire suppression tools, and emergency planning are all crucial components of fire safety. […]

Life Saving Tools and Methods to Protect Tenants from a Fire

Aside from regular inspections, alarms, fire suppression tools and emergency planning are crucial components in ensuring the safety of your investor client’s tenants from a fire. They are in-fact, life-saving tools and strategies that can cut potential fire deaths in half.

Shield Investment Properties from Winter Risk, Pt 2

Winter has made its presence known, but your investor clients can still fortify their “castles” against the cold. The saying “better late than never” holds true here. In this two-part article series, we are looking at four winter perils from which your clients need to shield their properties. In Part 1, we addressed ways to protect occupied properties and this time, we’ll cover vacant properties and renovation projects.