Property Management Errors & Omissions Coverage for Self-Managed Properties

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If your investor client has rental properties and has contracted with a Property Manager, their PM likely will (and should) carry Professional Liability coverage, or Errors & Omissions. This helps to cover them in the event their inadequate work or negligent actions while performing these property management duties leads to a lawsuit. But what if the investor performs property management activities on their properties themself? Did you know that if, in the course of performing these PM duties, your client’s negligence results in a claim, their premises liability offers them little to no protection?

Top Property Maintenance Tips for Every Season

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The New Year is all about self-improvement. And though some people dread New Year’s resolutions, real estate investors salivate at the sound of “new”. After all, real estate investors improve things for a living. Now, improvement is wonderful, but all this betterment does take planning.