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aluminum wires - REInsurePro

Is It Covered? Aluminum Wires

A lot of investors don’t know that most property policies exclude coverage for a fire due to aluminum wiring. However, many homes being purchased as investment properties were built when

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flood insurance - REIP

Is It Covered? Flood

The term “flood” is used quite liberally in everyday language. Is water backing up in your investor client’s basement? They may tell you, “The basement flooded.” But did it really,

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Theft insurance - REIP

Is It Covered? Theft & Vandalism

Theft and Vandalism coverage can be one of the most confusing aspects of a property insurance policy. What are the differences between theft, vandalism, and burglary? Are these coverages available

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sewer backup insurance - REIP

Is It Covered? Sewer Backup

Many property owners think they automatically have coverage for Sewer Backup at their investment property. However, most homeowners and business insurance policies do not cover Sewer Backup unless it is

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Burst Pipe

Is It Covered? Burst Pipes

It is commonly assumed that water damage resulting from a burst pipe is covered under all policies. However, Water Damage as a result of a burst pipe is NOT covered

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Is It Covered? Liability for Non-Covered Items

Generally, if an item is excluded from the Property Coverage on your investor client’s property, it is likely not covered in their Liability Coverage either. Keep in mind that while your client’s Property Coverage protects damage that happens to their investment property, (i.e., the physical building), Liability Coverage protects their financial well-being associated with that property.

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