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Agent Technology Platform

Propose and bind coverage, service your client portfolios, and view commission reports.

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Platform How To Videos​

These short videos walk you through some of the most common processes in the platform.

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SOV Import Template

For large portfolio proposals, enter location info into this template and upload into the system.

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Submit a Claim​

Fill out this form to report an incident on behalf of your client to begin the claims process.

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Marketing Toolkit

Customize and download or share marketing templates to help with your sales efforts.

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Download the document below for tips on how to use the toolkit materials.

Toolkit Guidebook


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Protecting Income With Loss of Rents Coverage

How would an investor client’s businesses and income be affected if their property sustained damage to the point that it is no longer habitable for tenants? Your investor clients have property insurance that may cover the cost of repairs, but what about the rental income they will lose out on in the process?

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Is It Covered? Pools & Outdoor Equipment

Many people assume that pools, trampolines, and other recreational equipment sitting in the yard are insured. Some people also assume that if a person is injured while using this outdoor equipment, coverage will be available to help reimburse any medical expenses. In truth, policies can vary quite a bit on this topic. Some may include these items while many will choose to exclude them as they are considered attractive nuisances.

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Is It Covered? Mold, Mildew, & Fungus

Coverage for mold, mildew, and fungus is usually either completely excluded or may be very limited depending upon the policy. Although many people assume that they will have at least some coverage for mold, it is most often the case that mold, mildew, fungus, and their bi-products are excluded.

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Use these downloadable resources to provide valuable tools to your real estate investor clients.

Smoke Detector Maintenance Log

Investors can use this log for each of their properties to track when smoke detectors are checked to be sure they are in operable condition and batteries replaced. This should be done at least twice per year.

Rental Property Hazard Checklist

Investors can use this checklist as part of their annual maintenance practice to identify and make a plan to repair potential risks of property damage or liability exposures at their properties.