After recognizing a gap in the insurance market for adequate coverage and the flexibility required for residential real estate investment properties, this program began in 2008. In the early days, we were primarily working directly with real estate investors in the one to four-unit space, and a select number of retail agents. Over the next decade, the Program saw tremendous growth and expansion to small apartments (up to 20 units), vacation rentals, and the addition of multiple ancillary coverage enhancements. Over those years, we added a suite of top-rated carriers to underwrite the program and continue to develop those relationships through transparency, collaboration and demonstrated performance. 

It became clear that independent agents continued to struggle to service clients in this space, with the frequent changes associated with investment properties. In 2020, we opened the program to independent agents across the country under the REInsurePro brand. As a national Program Manager, REInsurePro is focused on developing technology to provide an unparalleled experience for both agents and their clients, and supporting agents in the growth of their business in the real estate market.