Customizable Insurance Designed for Artisan and General Contractors

Coverage Features

  • Commercial General Liability: $1MM per occurrence/$2MM annual aggregate 

  • Workers’ Compensation: up to $1MM/$1MM/$1MM 

  • Inland Marine for tools and equipment: Unscheduled up to $10,000 or scheduled options available 

  • Contractor Bonds: License, Permit, and Dishonesty  

  • Excess Liability: Up to $5MM available for certain classes 

  • Contractor’s Pollution Liability (not available on all policies): Limit options from $500,000/$500,000 to $2MM/$2MM

GCGuard is well-suited for:

  • Residential remodelers and General Contractors
  • Residential and Commercial Artisan/trade contractors including:
    – Plumbers
    – Carpenters
    – Painters
    – Drywall
    – HVAC 
    – Electrical

    – Roofers
  • Custom home builders
  • Handy person
    100+ eligible classes

Agent Benefits


One-stop shop for contractor coverage 


Obtain multiple lines with one submission



Admitted & non-admitted options available 



Fast proposal turnaround



Expert underwriting and support  



Excellent claims service with 24/7 reporting 


*Workers’ Compensation Not Available In Monopolistic States:

  • OH, ND, WA, WY

Underwriting Requirements

Completed ACORD forms 125 & 126 required to bind

Completed contractors supplemental application (paper or online) – Download here

New Ventures:

  • New ventures as an artisan contractor are acceptable but must demonstrate at least 3 years in the trade (5 years for plumbers).


General Contractors:

  • Eligibility for GCs varies from state to state. While some of our partners require the GC to be on-site and “hammer in hand,” 100% paper GCs are acceptable to others.


  • All subcontractors must be insured and name the GC as an additional insured.

Loss Runs

  • If a loss occurred in the last 3 years, hard copy loss runs and an explanation of loss control steps taken are required with submission.


  • Completing the GCGuard application online will provide the best service and the least delay.
  • Select as many or as few policies as the application should represent. Only relevant questions will be presented.
  • Class-specific supplemental applications, if applicable, may be required.

To speak to someone about class-specific eligibility, call Seth Markum at 816-398-4058.

Hit List


  • General Contractor with 100% subcontracted costs – no employees 
  • Commercial siding and guttering installation with roofing  
  • New venture, 20 years in the trade  
  • Annual premium – $8,565 including taxes & fees



  • General Contractor with 100% subcontracted costs – no employees 
  • Interior and exterior residential remodeling with roofing  
  • 7 years in business, 21 years in the trade  
  • Annual premium – $5,178 including taxes & fees  



  • General Contractor with 20% employee payroll and 80% subcontracted costs  
  • Residential roofing tear-offs and replacement  
  • 4 years in business  
  • Annual premium – $5,698 including taxes & fees  



  • General Contractor with 50% employee payroll and 50% subcontracted costs
  • Interior/exterior residential carpentry, painting, siding, flooring 
  • 8 years in business, 41 years in the trade  
  • Annual premium – $3,958 including taxes and fees 



  • Licensed Master Plumber – no employees
  • Residential plumbing
  • New venture, 15 years in the trade
  • Annual premium – $1,378 Admitted carrier



  • Residential Janitor Service – (2) 1099 employees
  • Owner-operated house cleaning
  • New venture, 4 years of experience
  • Annual premium – $650 Admitted carrier



  • Owner-operated residential appliance installation & repair – no employees
  • Five years in business, 11 years in the trade
  • Annual premium – $650 Admitted carrier
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How would you like to submit?

Online Application

Fill out this online form for a submission that:

  • Does not require ACORDs or Supplemental Apps at submission
  • Contemplates all lines requested
  • Requires signed applications and hard copy loss runs at binding


A complete submission by email should include:

  • ACORD 125 & 126 for GL; Applicable ACORDs for additional lines requested
  • Contractor’s Supplemental Application (Download here or provide comparable supp app)
  • Loss Runs (if losses) or Statement of No Known Loss (if new venture)
  • If new venture, owner’s resume (if available)